The Civil War Trailer and the Current State of the MCU



Written By Mat Frank

Well what a surprise for us MCU fans. Last Wednesday Marvel dropped the teaser for the second trailer of Captain America: Civil War. This was followed by a full trailer on Thursday and did what most fans have been waiting for since the bizarre 10pm, middle of the week, announcement that Spider-Man would be featured in the MCU, and more importantly, be in Civil War. Spider-Man is now officially a part of the MCU and he joined in a very ‘Spidey-like’ fashion. More on that later though, let’s sink our teeth into the trailer…

The main take away from the trailer is that we’re going to start seeing some real consequences in the MCU. As ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross shows Cap, and co numerous clips from their past battles, you get a real sense that there is now a history to the MCU. After all, these folks have seen some things! Ross presents the Sokovia Accords which is the MCU equivalent of the Superhero Registration Act from the Civil War comic book series. From there you get into the nitty gritty, though I will stay high level for anybody who hasn’t seen it, but I think the trailer acomplishes its job of showing you that whatever triggers the ‘Civil War’ is very personal. I got the real sense that Tony was genuinely angry at Steve, especially when he says, ‘You just started a war‘. It was exactly would he would say, in the tone he would say it in, to an enemy from any one of his past three films. It’s pretty evident that there’s a deep ideological divide between the two and he doesn’t view Cap as a friend, but instead an enemy.

Moving into some of the action scenes, there’s some great ‘you’ve always wanted to see something like this’ moments, like Ant-Man being launched at Iron Man on Hawkeye’s arrow. Seriously guys, we live in a world where that sentance doesn’t get a sideways glance? My personal favourite part, though I’m concerned it’s cut together in a way that makes it seem like something it’s not, but if it is, then Bucky shoots Rhodey out of the sky which is pretty much the coolest thing you could have put in the trailer.

So there’s not much more aside from that, so onto the elephant in the room, SPIDEY! I don’t want to say I’ve been so much concerned as I was very interested in what they were going to do. Marvel did a great job of showing just enough Spider-Man costumes since the first Toby Maguire movie, and they mostly got it right. The past movies did what they could do at the time, aside from the abysmal Amazing Spider-Man costume they put Andrew Garfield into, Spider-Man 2 was the closest they ever got to a true ‘comic book to film’ interpretation of the costume. What we see in the trailer, whilst not as close to the ASM 2 costume, was it has a few things that will set it apart and make it a fan favourite:


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