The Infinity Storyline – Key Issues Checklist



Written By Jake Garner

Hello there folks. We all know that comic books can sometimes be confusing. When did this happen? Why has so and so got beef with this guy? Or just plain, what the hell is going on here? It can be hard to understand where a storyline originated and takes a bit of research to fathom out all the small details. Events and crossovers, comics that often depict something of great importance in the overall continuity of a given publisher (primarily we are talking about Marvel and DC here), are often both expensive to collect the complete events and on failing this, tricky to catch up on elsewhere. Dedicated readers don’t want to miss a trick. What we want to provide you more of is reading lists that will help you catch up on your favourite series efficiently. In recent week’s, as my article on Adam Warlock explained, Jim Starlin’s Infinity Entity is currently being released; a four part mini series which continues the overall ‘Infinity’ storyline. This is 2016, so when did it all start? Well it is debateable, but for fun let’s just say 1987. Yeah, it does seem a long time ago because it, well, is. Can newcomers read Infinity Entity without reading the Infinity books that came first? Well of course you can, but the Infinity continuity is one of Marvel’s best and we recommend it to any fan of comic books, old and new. At this point we will establish, for those that wish to be a nag that is, that this following list does not include absolutely everything from the overall Infinity storyline, but instead is a reference of key issues that will bring any reader perfectly up to speed. Sit back and enjoy as you work your way through. It sure is one hell of a ride.

☐ (1987) Silver Surfer # 34 – 38

☐ (1990) Thanos Quest # 1 – 2

☐ (1991) Infinity Gauntlet # 1 – 6

☐ (1992) Warlock and the Infinity Watch # 1 – 6

☐ (1992) The Infinity War # 1 – 6

☐ (1992) Warlock and the Infinity Watch # 11 – 17

☐ (1993) Infinity Crusade # 1 – 6

☐ (2002) Infinity Abyss # 1 – 6

☐ (2013) Thanos Rising # 1 – 5

☐ (2013) Infinity # 1 – 6

☐ (2014) Thanos: The Infinity Revelation

☐ (2014) Thanos: The Infinity Relativity

☐ (2016) The Infinity Entity #1 – 4 (#3 is out today!)


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