Where is my Spidey?



Written By Desi LaSalle

Many years ago the great Stan Lee came up with an idea for a superhero character, he would be a middle class teenager, a science whiz that would be bitten by radio active spider in an experiment in which he would acquire fantastic powers and make a costume to fight crime. The basic idea for this character was brilliant! He would be a relatable character to everyone with everyday problems like you and me, so it with a heavy heart that when I open a Spider-Man comic today, I just feel sorrow and bewilderment as to what direction Marvel is taking with this flagship character. Today Peter Parker is more or less a carbon copy of Tony Stark!? He is rich, has his own company and is divorced from Mary Jane, gone are the golden days of the Stan Lee and John Romita stories, the Roger Stern and John Romita Jr’s, not forgetting Todd Mcfarlane to name a few.

When you used to read a Spider- Man comic, the first thing that you would notice is just how relatable Peter Parker is as a character. He had the same problems all non-superhero characters have, financial problems, girl problems, family problems and very unique problems at work. The story and art would suck you in and you felt like part of the comic. Spider-Man would have to scrap, use humor and his wits to beat up the bad guys, simply put, Spider-Man was awesome! Sadly today this is not the case. All you see is a boring jumbled story, with a very weak supporting cast. But just look at the past, the supporting cast in a Spider-Man comic was just as important as Peter Parker. You had Mary Jane, J.Jonah Jameson, Liz Allen, Harry Allen, Kingpin and Aunt May. Now what you get is S.H.I.E.L.D, tragic indeed.


I would still rather read the old Spider-Man comics with their classic story lines, such as ‘Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut’, ‘The night Gwen Stacy Died’, ‘The Commuter Cometh’, ‘The Kid That Collects Spider-Man’, ‘The Gift’, ‘Venom’, ‘The Original Hobgoblin Saga’, and ‘The Alien Costume Saga’. For a comic that has such a rich history, a Marvel flagship title should have top notch art and storytelling, my suggestion to Marvel is quite simple Reboot! Start all over again. It has been done before, go into the future using the formula of success that served you so well in the past. In the meantime, while I continue reading my old Spider-Man comics, I will wait and see what Marvel does , hoping that they get it right while I ask, Where is my Spidey?



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