The Scarlet Swashbuckler is Back!



Written By Mykul Harford

Who’s your favorite super hero? Ask most any kid and they’ll say “Batman,” or “Spider-Man.” Or quite likely, “Superman,” or maybe even “Wonder Woman!” Maybe even some kid will surprise you, and name somebody like The Flash or Captain America. Hardly ever will you hear the name “Daredevil” atop any list of favorites. Not until recently, that is. Thanks to Netflix, and one of the finest superhero adaptations in history, Daredevil is finally getting some well deserved spotlight!

Daredevil has always been my favorite character when it comes to comics. With that said, it has also been rough never getting to see my favorite hero in other media. Growing up I got to watch a plethora of Spider-Man and Batman cartoons. Then came the X-Men. Then Iron Man and The Fantastic Four. Then the Justice League came along, followed by the Teen Titans for good measure. Heck, even Static Shock got his own show! Nothing for good old Daredevil, though!

At most, you might catch him as a guest star on Spidey or The FF, but never in his own slot! But then finally, after years and years, my prayers were answered! Matt Murdock, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, was finally going to get his own feature film! Personally, I loved the Ben Affleck adaptation, but since few others shared my view, that was the end of it! Just one and done; no sequels or crossovers for our favorite blind hero. What a shame it was. Not just is he one of the few handicapped super guys out there,  but he’s one of a handful of characters who doesn’t even really have a super power!


One might think this would make him one of the easier superheroes to pull off on screen, but i guess not. However, we would be baffled and amazed by live-action adaptations of characters like Thor, Hulk and those very same X-Men. I will never be one to complain about the new trend of comic book movies, but for years I’ve still been wondering, “Where’s Daredevil?” While the cinematic universes have been doing reboot after reboot of some characters, other heroes have still been getting the cold shoulder.

Then, in the spring of 2015, Marvel and Netflix teamed up to bring us one of the most amazing and realistic adaptations in comic book history! What’s better is that it wasn’t just another two hour exploit of lovable Matt Murdock, but an entire television series! Thirteen of the most gritty, character engaging, action packed, fifty minute episodes many of us have ever seen! Charlie Cox’s portrayal of ol’ Hornhead is not just heartfelt and accurate, but i found him to be inspiring and often times, poetic. Surrounded by an amazing array of supporting characters; each more lovable than the last. With some of the finest fight/action sequences to boot, Daredevil was finally becoming a household name again.

In this series, Daredevil is more of a vigilante ninja. Not as much the bright colored adventurer he started off as in the comics. That’s fine, since it keeps it grounded in reality. People don’t typically prance across rooftops, sliding along power lines. This way I think a broader audience could relate to the characters and the events that followed. Thanks to series creator, Drew Goddard, and fight choreographer/stunt coordinator Philip Silvera, Daredevil had finally found his place and time in which to shine!


Then, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they made another season! Sure enough, season two was no disappointment. It featured even more tantalizing tales of DD’s beginnings, as well as new characters like Elektra and The Punisher. Yeah, THE PUNISHER! Season two proved to be just as amazing and jaw-dropping as the last.

After well received critic reviews and another season or two sure to come, Daredevil is sure to be further making his stake on the Marvel Universe. Hopefully this could lead to another go at the big screen for Mr. Murdock and crew, or maybe my kids will grow up watching Daredevil The Animated Series, who knows?! What Marvel and Netflix have done here is not just groundbreaking, but the spark of something HUGE to come!

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