The Cartoon Connection



Written By Desi LaSalle

Before Marvel phase 1 and the just now beginning DCU Universe live action movies, the best we had available as comic book fans were the super hero animated shows on TV. In later years animated movies of our favorite heroes became available on DVD. Some movies were an extension of the TV series, such as the Batman animated series and Batman Beyond. As the years have gone by these movies have gotten better in regards to the physical animation. Grittier storytelling has made the translation from comic book to the screen almost flawless. In my personal opinion DC has taken full advantage of the animated movies market to many comic book fans delighted with their content. Marvel on the other hand has done very little in this market, leaving many fans wondering as to why? There are many comic book fans that watch, purchase and enjoy these movies. There is certainly a profit to be made. As of today we are seeing many series such as the great “Young Justice”,”Justice League” and “Batman” available on Netflix and many other such websites, much to our pleasure. I have compiled a list of my personal top 10 animated movies of all time. If you have not seen them then I hope you can use this list as a reference.

  • Batman: Mask of The Phantasm
  • Batman: Under The Red Hood
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 & 2
  • Batman Beyond: Return of The Joker
  • Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox
  • Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
  • Superman/Batman:Apocalypse
  • Son of Batman
  • Green Lantern: First Flight
  • Wonder Woman

Honorable Mentions:  Justice League: War, Batman: Assault on Arkham, Doctor Strange, Hulk vs. Thor/Wolverine and Ultimate Avengers. I can already hear the screams of disagreement, but as I said earlier, this is a reference list and only my personal picks. There are two things that you can notice immediately. The entire top 10 are DC super hero movies. Also seven of the movies in the top 10 and honorable mention list were directed by Jay Oliva. I tip my hat off to him for the great job he did on these animated movies, capturing the essence and tone of not only the story-line but of the unique super hero that features in each specific movie. As to why my number one pick is as it is, the answer is easy, history! Batman: Mask of The Phantasm broke all the barriers. It was made in 1993 and was the first ever super hero animated movie to have a theatrical release nationwide with a unique animation style that was praised by critics and fans alike. These days we now get a new animated movie almost every four months, thanks to not only the success of the super hero live action movies today but also the loyal fans who have followed animated movies since the beginning.


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