Heroes Return!?



Article Written By Desi LaSalle

To many people the 80’s decade is the best, myself included. To others it is the 90’s comic era surrounding the books that were selling at an all time high. Comic-Cons were in the early stages of becoming the big events that they are today. In the 90’s the most popular comic book characters were the edgier ones such as Wolverine, Punisher, Ghost Rider and Cable. One comic book stands out to me the most in this decade, a hidden gem in my view. In 1990 that book was “The New Warriors” created by Tom Defalco and Ron Frenz.

They made their very first appearance in the pages of  Mighty Thor #411. The lineup of this superhero team immediately caught your eye, Nova (one of my personal favorites) Speedball (love this guy!), Namorita (underrated), Firestar (underused), Marvel Boy (underappreciated) and a brand New character at the time, NightThrasher (so cool!). This title was blessed to have Fabian Nicieza as its writer and an amazing art through the work of Mark Bagley. In the 90’s I do not know of any other Marvel comic book title that was as consistently good both in story and art as the “New Warriors”. All the aforementioned characters in this book benefited greatly from Fabian Nicieza’s writing skills and the growth of these characters in this series is amazing! No longer were these forgotten characters from the Marvel Universe a joke! At its peak, basically every major Marvel character made an appearance in this series. The New Warriors became instant fan favorites, even villains such as The Mad Thinker, Gideon, The Sphinx, Terrax and The Hellions were made cool once again making this book a must read. Later on there were additions to the team with other cool characters like Turbo and Silhouette. The Warriors would have two different pencilers during their run, with the talented Darick Robertson and Patrick Zircher, and without missing a beat the art would remain flawless.


The New Warriors Vol. I lasted for 75 issues and remains to this day the best material of this team book. It would later be relaunched three more times with different lineups, but the books would fail miserably, much to my sadness. The Warriors in another story arc would be blamed as the catalyst for ‘The Civil War’ Arc and die, well, at least most of the team at the hands of the villain Nitro. It is a shame that these great characters have been left in creative limbo once again by Marvel. This once best selling book should really be taken into consideration to be relaunched once again with its original members. The cover of The New Warriors #1 says “Heroes for the 90’s”, but what Mark Bagley and Fabian Nicieza proved is that with a little interest any character such, as Nova, Speedball and Namorita, can be made cool once again in any decade! So while I go through my old back issues, I truly hope someone is thinking long and hard about bringing The Warriors back once again, now that’s one comic that I would buy.

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