The Big Marvel 101! – A Message From The Commander




A Message From ComiCommand HQ

Hi there folks! Well it’s that time again. Another ball busting list has been put together for your enjoyment, as well as my own. So what is it this time? Below you can find a checklist of Marvel’s main events and limited series. As always, it goes without saying that there are one or two things that have unfortunately been missed off the list, not because they are not worth it, but rather because the ones here are those that have made the largest impact on the overall Marvel continuation. Those that are new to the world of comic books and graphic novels, especially those of Marvel, it can seem a lot to take in. We here get that. The lore of any given publisher is often so extensive that you feel ready to give up almost as quickly as you started. It shouldn’t be so. Remember, comics are ultimately here to provide us with some great entertainment. Whatever your taste may be genre wise, the reality is that there will be something out there for you. Never feel disheartened by the sheer diversity and extensiveness of the comic book culture. So, if Marvel as a publisher is something that interests you than this following list will bring you well beyond ‘up to speed’. You don’t have to have read everything to be a fan, just whatever takes your fancy. Perhaps even choose a jumping on point and start from there. Anyway, this list will provide you with a logical order of events that are sorted by their date of release. Don’t forget, most importantly, reading comics is a voyage of discovery. Use this list as your travel pass. See the sites. Feel the breeze in your hair. Here are the main events! (Oh, and yeah, for the veterans out there, I am well aware that the whole ‘Ultimate’ thing and crossover events have been left out. Let’s try and keep it simple for now).

(1982) Contest of Champions (Limited Series)

(1984) Secret Wars (Limited Series)

(1985) Secret Wars II (Event)

(1991) The Infinity Gauntlet (Event)

(1992) Infinity War (Event)

(1993) Infinity Crusade (Limited Series)

(1999) Magneto Rex (Limited Series)

(2000) Maximum Security (Event)

(2002) Infinity Abyss (Limited Series)

(2004) Secret War (Limited Series)

(2005) House Of M (Event)

(2006) Annihilation (Event)

(2006) Civil War (Event)

(2007) World War Hulk (Event)

(2007) Annihilation Conquest (Event)

(2008) Secret Invasion (Event)

(2009) War Of Kings (Event)

(2010) Siege (Event)

(2010) The Thanos Imperative (Limited Series)

(2010) Shadowland (Event)

(2010) Chaos War (Event)

(2011) Fear Itself (Event)

(2011) Schism (Event)

(2012) Avengers Vs. X-Men (Event)

(2013) Age Of Ultron (Event)

(2013) Infinity (Event)

(2014) Original Sin (Event)

(2014) Death Of Wolverine (Event)

(2014) Axis (Event)

(2015) Secret Wars (Event)

(2016) Civil War II (Bring it on!)

Boom! So there you go. Explore and enjoy. Over and out for now.

Your’s Sincerely

The Commander

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