Xavier’s Dream



Written By Desi LaSalle

There has been a flurry of news lately regarding a New Mutants movie that has been given a green light to be made and a screenplay that is being developed. From the outside looking in, it is great news, the bad news is that Marvel does not own the rights to New Mutants, Fox does. I immediately think of the nightmare of FantasticFour and I worry, the New Mutants comic book is beloved by many. Created by the legendary Chris Claremont and artist Bob Mcleod, this X-Men spinoff series first saw the light of day in the pages of the New Mutants Graphic Novel #1 in 1982.

The comic book series started in 1983, giving us a look into the future of mutant kind and the next generation of  X-men. We are introduced to Wolfsbane, Karma, Psyche, Sunspot and Cannonball. Later on the team would get additions such as Magik (Colossus’ sister), Cypher and the tecno–organic alien known as Warlock. This comic book series was wonderfully written by Chris Claremont, showcasing the struggle of these mutants learning how to use their powers while trying to fit into a society that that fears them and does not accept them. Also adding depth to this series is the great lineup of villains such as the Silver Samurai, Selene (The Black Queen), the Brood, the Sentinels, The Hellions of The Hellfire Club, also mutants in Training. The comic had the benefit of the rich backstory and history of the X-Men combined with their own new adventures. The team had members of largely different backgrounds, social statuses and ethnicity, all of which really appealed to younger readers and made the book a bestseller.


I really hope that all this magic can be translated to the big screen, case in point, X-Men: First Class, with the right director and actors this film could become a franchise. The lesson learned from Fantastic Four should be what not to do to destroy a comic book movie (sigh!). With the technology available today for special effects and with a good production budget this could be a great movie if done the right way, (a couple of “X-Men” cameos would not hurt either!). There are many directions in which this movie can be taken, I only hope that Fox can finally get this one right for once. There is a great opportunity to re-energize the cinematic mutant universe with a lot of great material available from the comic book series that can be put to great use. As a comic book fan and mutant lover I can only hope and pray for the best while expecting the worse, I hope that I am proven wrong.



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