Replicating Success



Article Written By Desi LaSalle

Among the many mutants in the Marvel Universe there has always been one underused character that I have always loved. He is a mutant with very unique powers and a great look in general! This character is no other than ‘The Mimic’. Created by Stan Lee and Werner Roth, he made his first appearance in The X-Men #19 in 1966. Visually, he has a distinct look and costume, he basically looks like an amalgam of all the X-men combined, that is pretty awesome to begin with I suppose. His mutant power was to mimic the abilities of others in close proximity. In 2001, another version of this character was created by Judd Winick and Mike Mckone, appearing in “Exiles” #1. This run was based in an alternate reality on Earth-12 where Mimic had the ability to copy up to five other mutant powers. In this series Mimic ended up being about half as effective in comparison to the beginning of his career, as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants that is.


In this timeline he is jailed, freed by Professor X, becomes an X-Man and later on leads them, all before joining the team known as the Exiles. Also in this particular timeline, Mimic would develop a romantic relationship with team leader and popular mutant, Blink, who would later on relinquish leadership of the team to him. During this time we see him battle alternate versions of The Sentinels, The Avengers, Proteus, Doctor Strange and even The Doombots, while dealing with his relationship with Blink and the hardships of being  a team leader. Mimic has the advantage of being presented in many different ways which makes the character a delight to draw. In the Exiles comic book run you see how such a great character can be developed. It is a shame that Marvel has not put this mutant to good use in the present, he would be a great addition to any mutant team, but using the Blink angle too would provide an extra edge to his character. There are many layers to explore with this great character that have not been developed yet for reasons that I still do not understand.


The Mimic is a perfect example of an underused character with really cool powers that has not been taken to the next level. There is a lot of backstory to explore and various directions in which to take his character, even the original version of the Mimic could be recycled and repackaged. The Mimic can be put to a much greater use. As a comic book fan it is really frustrating to see how a character as great as this has come to be in creative limbo. It is just plain wrong! Imagine The Mimic in an X-men movie, how cool would he look!? How great would he be visually, with special effects while using his powers!? So Marvel I say to you: Bring Him Back!!! Don’t let a good thing go to waste, there is a great opportunity here to take another Marvel mutant and make him a star!

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