The Commander’s Favourite Crazies: Preacher

Preacher 1

Hello reader’s of ComiCommand, it’s your friendly neighborhood Commander here! So, what have I got in store for you this time round? Well, more from Preacher; we just can’t get enough of it here to be quite honest. The very special lovechild of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon still continues to be of great interest to the comic book community. But why? It is all good and well having a solid story-line, but ultimately it is the characters that make it so enjoyable. What I have put together here is a list of some of the most peculiar, grueling and perplexing characters contained within the wild pages of Preacher. What I don’t want to do is rank them in some sort of uniformed order that would provide my own subjective opinion of each character. Instead, treat this list on face value, as an insight into the minds of some of the comic series’ most eccentric faces. More importantly, for readers of Preacher, old and new, enjoy exploring some of Garth and Steve’s bizarre creations. This list has a duel intention, to both rediscover and introduce. Go on, have a look.

Jesse Custer

Preacher 2

“I’m sayin’ you’re the kind of guy who’d crawl through a perfectly good whorehouse to get to a fat boy’s ass.”

Let’s face it, the series basically revolves around this guy, it was inevitable he would be included here. Jesse Custer is our ‘Preacher’. If there is one thing I must mention about this particular holy man it would be to avoid his fist when possible. This chap punches with more force than a brick wall; numerous bar fights have proven this to be true. For a man of God, he is certainly not afraid to get his hands bloody. The reader is able to get past his black perm in the first few issues. It’s not too difficult to achieve, after all, the man speaks with the power of God, quite literally. Jesse is the catalyst of the whole rootin’ tootin’ series. As Willie Nelson puts it, ‘It’s the time of the Preacher’.


Preacher 3

“An’ then it turns out they’re just another fucker.”

Every comic book series needs an ‘anti-hero’. Now, saying that, Cassidy doesn’t exactly fall under the ‘hero’ banner. Though despite this, if you have read the series you will be able to understand, there is much more to this drug addled, crazy Irish vampire than first meets the eye. Cassidy is a personification of ‘sin’, the rebel inside all of us, blunt with his words and equally as fierce with his fists as Jesse Custer. The Irishman is tainted by eternal life, unless he is exposed to direct sunlight. He completely casts aside the stereotypical vampire motifs, like that of the Twilight Saga, and reconstructs what it means to be a vampire, (apart from the whole sun thing that is). Cassidy has been shot, stabbed, beaten and bruised, perhaps more than any other man can claim. Yet, he will always join you for a pint at the end of the day.

Tulip O’Hare

Preacher 4

“Damn wife died. Damn baby’s a girl.”

Though she may be wrapped up in her unconditional love for Jesse, Tulip O’Hare is just as encompassed in the violent turmoil that surrounds her. Trust me when I say, this is one crazy chick you do not want to cross. More than anything else, it is Tulip’s general attitude that really brings out her character. We are introduced to quite a mild mannered woman at first, but as she accompanies Jesse in his quest of self discovery, carnage and God, we see her character develop into that of ‘one tough bird’, so to speak. Oh yeah, one more thing, do not get caught up in the cross-hairs of Tulip O’Hare’s handgun, she is fairly useful with it.

Jesus DeSade

Preacher 5.png

“I suppose the real reason we do this is excess: its singular pursuit, almost as an end in itself.”

Up, down, sideways and every other way possible, this misfit has done it all, (yes, I am referring to all things sexual here). Jesus DeSade is not a ‘badass’ in conventional terms. Instead DeSade is the very definition of ‘hedonism’. As a character we do not learn much about his background, but what we do learn is that he has a complete obsession with every fetish imaginable. He is worth a mention here due to his twisted mentality, partying with Hollywood’s elite and taking drugs worth more than your house. Jesus DeSade makes all things ‘taboo’ look like a walk in the park.

Odin Quincannon

Preacher 6.jpg

“That retard I hired fucked up! Damn bomb went off when Custer wasn’t even in the damn truck!”

Meat, meat and even more meat. This small, bald headed man wears a pair of glasses so thick that you assume he is staring into your very soul. Odin Quincannon is an eerie business man who specialises in meat-production. He likes to do other things with meat, but I won’t go into that here. For a small dude, Quincannon is quite a menace. If it is a henchman job you are after, then perhaps give him a call, just be prepared to carry out his every wacky request. Quincannon is the end result of all that is wrong with politics. This comes to the fore when we learn he is a keen member of the KKK. It is for the best to become a vegetarian in Quincannon’s home town.

The Chunt Brothers

Preacher 7

“Had his ass en croute, by golly.”

Meet Karl, Ernie and Cyrus Chunt. This atrocious and vile trio are only briefly involved in overall story-line, but what little we do see of them is enough to give anybody the shivers. Cannibalism isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon within the dark, damp residence of The Chunt Brothers. They have quite a habit of eating the people that capture. Please, for my sake, don’t find yourself all alone in the wilderness, unless you want to be their dinner. The pure brutality shown by the three brothers is in keeping with the overall tone of Preacher, so they are well worth a mention in this list. “Wub.”

Marie L’Angelle

Preacher 8

“You’ve got a dirty, dirty mouth Jesse Custer: and boys with dirty mouths go in the coffin.”

This old, withered and wheelchair-bound grandmother, of Jesse Custer, takes the meaning of ‘Christian fanatic’ to a whole other level. Personally, she is a close to pure evil as it gets. Marie L’Angelle is the a shadow that will forever hang over our beloved preacher. It is due to L‘Angelle that Jesse spent much of his highly confusing youth at the bottom of a lake, surround by the tight limitations of a coffin. It could be argued that the whole saga was started through the cruelty of this old hag. She is perhaps one of the most determined characters we encounter throughout the whole of Preacher, that is until we see Jesse’s determination to execute his past surrounding L’Angelle’s wicked traditions.

Herr Starr

Preacher 9

“I think I’m going to shoot the television again, Featherstone…”

Ok, so Herr Starr has been through some serious sh*t, and that is putting it mildly. This scar ridden, ear missing, white suit wearing mastermind plays a crucial part in the overall story-line. He interacts with almost every other character in Preacher, and more times than not, comes away with some limb missing. It is hard to go into any sort of depth with Herr Starr without giving too much of the plot away. All you need to know is that he certainly is a ‘badass’. Starr is a man who is prepared to kill off the very bloodline of Christ himself, just to satisfy his own selfish desires. Preacher is a series that is typically packed full of ‘yokels’ and typecast Texan types. Starr breaks the mould through his intricate scheming and political authority.


Preacher 10.jpg


Arseface? Why on earth would a main character have such a name? Well, it’s quite obvious, his face looks like an ‘arse’ (we have Cassidy to thank for this name). Arseface is the embodiment of innocence in Preacher.  Where everyone else has their own egotistical motives, Arseface, for the most part, remains indifferent. He kind of goes along for the ride. The poor kid attempted suicide, trying to shoot himself in the head, in turn surviving with one hell of an ugly mug. Brutal, I know. It is not all bad news for this lovable character though; rock on Arseface…

The Saint of Killers

Preacher 11

“You got this comin’, boy. More’n anyone, you got this comin’.”

Without a doubt, the hardest, toughest, most cynical and dangerous man in the whole damn series. Period. The Saint of Killers has perhaps one of the most interesting back stories throughout the entirety of Preacher. He is the be all and end all of everything. A bold statement? Not at all. This is the man who killed the devil himself. Not even hell can touch The Saint of Killers. Not only in Preacher, but of any comic book series I have encountered, The Saint of Killers still remains one of the most feared characters out there. He is depicted with such intensity that I myself, the Commander, tremble in my boots at his presence.

So there you have it folks. I only have so long to talk and unfortunately not enough time to include the many other brilliant and crazy characters of Preacher. Want to find out more? Get reading.

Commander over and out!

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