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It’s that time again folks! Another checklist to quench your comic book thirst. So far I have provided a check list for the Infinity story-line, the Punisher a Marvel Events 101. If you have missed out on these in the past, don’t worry, they are still contained within our archives.

As I always say, for those who are new to comics, or just any publisher in general, catching up can prove to be a challenge, especially when it comes to publishers like Marvel and DC. My advice would be not to try and read every comic ever, there just isn’t enough time, unless you quit your job and dump your girlfriend. The best thing you can do to ‘catch up’ is to turn your attention to the key issues and events that perhaps have a lasting consequence upon your favourite heroes and villains. This time we avert our gaze towards the X-Men. This mutant band of misfits have always been popular among Marvel fans, and in more ways than one, have their own little universe on ‘going ons’ inside that of the Marvel Universe itself. When I say the term ‘X-Men’, I admit I use it quite loosely and don’t just refer to it as a title series. Also included today will be any major event in which the mutant population display a show of force or have some sort of bearing on the story-line of the event itself, which let’s face it, is most cases.

What follows are two lists of all the major X-Men events and crossovers up to the present year. X-Men crossover events are frequent and plenty. Due to this, the first checklist will just deal with any limited series or core events in regards to the X-Men. The second checklist will then go on to deal with just the crossover events. As a ‘trigger warning’ for the absolute comic book connoisseurs out there, do not be offended if something has been missed out here. Of course, it goes without saying that a lot of important stuff happens in a character’s solo series too, but this list is intended to give those who want to explore the X-Men anew, or even further, the chance to catch up on the really big stuff. Whether you are reading through this as a veteran, rediscovering old classics, or browsing through the list in order to discover the X-Men for the first time, enjoy.

Major X-Men Limited Series & Events

☐(1999) Magneto Rex (Limited Series)

☐(2005) House of M (Event)

☐(2011) Schism (Event)

☐(2012) Avengers Vs. X-Men (Event)

☐(2014) Death of Wolverine (Event)

☐(2014) AXIS (Event)

Major X-Men Crossover Events (There are so many!)

☐(1986) Mutant Massacre

☐(1988) Fall of the Mutants

☐(1988-1989) Inferno

☐(1990-1991) X-Tinction Agenda

☐(1991) Muir Island Saga

☐(1992-1993) X-Cutioner’s Song

☐(1993) Fatal Attractions

☐(1993) Bloodties

☐(1994) Child’s Play

☐(1994) Phalanx Covenant

☐(1995-1996) Legion Quest

☐(1996) Age of Apocalypse

☐(1996) Onslaught Saga

☐(1998-1999) The Hunt for Xavier

☐(1999) The Magneto War

☐(2000) The Twelve

☐(2001) Eve of Destruction

☐(2007-2008) Messiah CompleX

☐(2009) Messiah War

☐(2009) Utopia

☐(2009-2010) Necrosha

☐(2010) Second Coming

☐(2010) Curse of the Mutants

☐(2013) X-Termination

☐(2013) Battle of the Attom

☐(2014) The Trial of Jean Grey

☐(2015) The Black Vortex

X Men #1

X-Men #1

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