Untapped Potential

Discs, New Discs...

Discs, New Discs…

Written By Desi LaSalle

Every once in a while, when you are reading loads and loads of comic book titles, you come across a certain character that just catches your eye and imagination. It doesn’t have to be a well known character for you to find them cool or interesting. I have always wondered about one in guy particular, Ricochet. This particular character is a mutant with enhanced agility and the ability to sense danger before it happens, much like Spider-Man. As usual, he is yet another superhero whose costume I love and find to be nothing short of awesome!

One of the most interesting things about the Ricochet identity is that the first person to don the costume is none other than our beloved Peter Parker. It was his wife, Mary Jane, that designed his costume. During a very specific story-line, Peter Parker was forced to create some new identities to clear his name and fight crime; hence Ricochet was born. The Ricochet identity was supposed to represent the funny side to Peter Parker. After being cleared, the Ricochet identity was passed on to a new user, the young Johnny Gallo. Johnny Gallo was created by Joseph Harris and Adam Polina, making his first appearance in Slingers #0 in January of 1998.

Ricochet - Mr Johnny Gallo

Ricochet – Mr Johnny Gallo

The Ricochet character that we got introduced to was a fun loving, wisecracking hero that wanted to help people but not be discovered to be a mutant due to the public mistrust that existed in regards to his kind. It was during his tenure as a member of the superhero group known as ‘The Slingers’ that Ricochet acquired his cool throwing discs and during this time he even received an invitation by Speedball to join the superhero group ‘The New Warriors’, which he declined while laughing in Speedball’s face. It is really sad to see the potential of such a good character be wasted by Marvel simply because no one would take the time and care to take Ricochet to the next level. Just being a Mutant (X-Men?), that in itself presents various options for many story-lines and character development. His unusual connection to Spider-Man and his funny side, think Deadpool, the possibilities are endless!

The Ricochet character lay dormant for many years, only to reappear in the pages of The Loners miniseries for a brief time and recently in the pages of Avengers Academy. There is a case to be made, and a very good one, that the Ricochet character is just another bystander to be caught in creative limbo at Marvel, for reasons that befuddle me to this day. Ricochet should be a mainstay member of an elite superhero title at Marvel. He would be a perfect fit for any X-Man team, a character to be evolved and granted the stardom that he deserves. Ricochet is more than a part-time superhero, he should be a young man with young man troubles that relate to comic book readers of all ages. The fact that he is Hispanic opens up a lot of subject matter for very interesting and realistic story-lines. I truly hope to see Ricochet more predominantly in the near future somewhere in the Marvel Universe. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for this character, let’s just hope that someone in Marvel can see in him what I do. All HAIL RICOCHET!

Disc Mania

Disc Mania

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