If She be Worthy!

The Lady Thor

The Lady Thor

Written By Desi LaSalle

Nine months ago I got a first glimpse of a new Marvel title; I saw a picture of a female Thor. She looked badass, but at the same time I thought to myself, is this going to work?Will a new Thor comic sell? Will the stories be good? I have to admit that after reading the first nine issues, the answer is a resounding YES!

Marvel has taken the creation of Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby to an entirely different level, breathing new life and endless possibilities into this ‘Marvel Mainstay’ character. The first big surprise of this new series is Thor’s identity itself. She is none other than Thor’s one time romantic interest, Jane Foster, who is now stricken with cancer. Jane is an old and established character to the Thor comic book, though in recent times she has created new range of situations and scenarios for a title that had gotten a little stale. I have to congratulate writer Jason Aaron and Artist Russell Dauterman for doing a spectacular job on this title, to which I admit I have not seen or read in years. The new goddess of thunder has become not only one of Marvel’s newest and most popular characters, but also an internet sensation as part of this generation’s new explosion of female heroines within the Marvel Universe.

This Is The New Thor

The New Thor

Marvel seems to have realized this because it did not take long for the new Thor to appear as a member of the All-New, All Different Avengers. Among the many memorable events that have already occurred in the pages of The Mighty Thor, the first that comes to mind is seeing Jane Foster as the new Thor in battle with the original Thor (now known as Odinson), fighting against Odin himself, Frost Giants and Malekieh. The new Thor that we are getting now is a brash, fearless and sometimes unpredictable female heroine dealing with how to use these new powers, testing those power’s limits and dealing with the cancer that is consuming her when she is in her human form. As a reader this series is a delight, from issue 1, where we see a female lift the hammer of Thor on the moon and be transformed. We are immediately taken to a roller-coaster ride of a story-line that not only has remained fresh but also very entertaining.

It is great to see a new comic book title that is so good to actually be selling well also, while at the same time receiving the critical acclaim that it deserves. I truly hope this series has a very long run, there are many ways to go story wise and I can’t wait to see what happens next. It has truly been a very pleasant surprise due to the lack of good comic book titles these days. Marvel comics has wanted to have a badass female heroine for a long time, it sure seems they have finally found one, just as awesome as the inscription on Thor’s hammer “WHOSEVER HOLDS THIS HAMMER, IF HE BE WORTHY, SHALL POSSESS THE POWER OF THOR!”. I have to say without a doubt, that she is indeed worthy, so check this comic out, you are missing something special.

The Ever Changing Jane Foster

The Ever Changing Jane Foster




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  1. Daisy LaSalle says:

    Great Story Bro!!!


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