We Want More R-Rated Superhero Movies


Deadpool Reserved A Seat For Your Mother

Written By Desi LaSalle

I  have recently noticed a lot of backlash against rated R movies, case in point: Deadpool, Batman vs Superman and Batman: The Killing Joke. I personally, as an avid comic book fan, have no problem with a superhero movie getting an R rating, as long as it is loyal to the source material. The Deadpool movie had a great marketing campaign aimed at an adult audience and it still made tons of money. The Suicide Squad movie that recently premiered with a PG-13 rating has been criticized because many feel that it should have been an R-rated movie, directed at an adult audience due to it’s source material. I find this very hypocritical. You are either damned if you do or damned if you don’t when it comes to critics and their reviews. The Killing Joke has been criticized because it’s an animated movie, but any comic book fan that has read the graphic novel knows that to be loyal to the source material there is no way that it could be PG! (Arghh!) I believe that there are many superhero movies that would be box-office blockbusters, even with an R-rating that would make tons of money and maybe even receive good reviews by critics that know nothing of the comic book universe or it’s rabid fan-base. I have compiled a list of possible superhero movies with great story-lines that would be box-office gold if done the right way, even with an R-rating, so here we go!

10) Conan the Barbarian (The King Conan Story-line)

9) Magneto  (Acolytes Story-line/Genosha)

8) Punisher: Warzone

7) Hulk (Berzerk/Planet Hulk Story-line)

6) Old Man Logan (In Development)

5) Venom (Maximum Carnage Story-line)

4) Lobo (origin)

3) Batman (Hush, Knightfall ,Death of Robin, Death of the Family Story-line)

2) X-Force (Origin)

1) Spawn (Origin Reboot Story-line)

Honorable Mention :   Justice League:Identity Crisis

Batman The Killing Joke

A Frame From Batman: The Killing Joke

If done the right way, with all the technology available today to make great superhero movies, I really believe these movies, with these story-lines in particular, would make awesome movies! I would get directors and producers for these movies that would have to be bonafide comic book fans, people that have a deep affection and respect for the source material and its fans. I have always believed that a great story should not be “tweaked” and a great origin should not be changed. The one big lesson to take away from the animated movie Batman: The Killing Joke, is that if the fans love the story, loved the graphic novel or the comic book they will show up in the theaters and they will pay their tickets no matter what rating it has.  I hope Sony Pictures, Fox, Universal, Warner Bros and Disney noticed this phenomenon, because the superhero movie craze is here, it is not going away anytime soon. If you do not believe me than just take a look at the box-office numbers and prove me wrong, and the biggest beauty of all is that there is a lot, and I MEAN A LOT, of great stories left to tell!

Batman Vs Superman

Batman Vs. Superman



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