Memorable Comic Book Character Deaths!


Bye Bye Gwen

Written By Desi LaSalle

Recently a very interesting story-line began in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man called ‘Dead No More!’, which I highly recommend. It brings to the forefront dead characters that we have seen and loved for many years throughout the pages of Spider-Man. Back in the day, the death of a comic book character was not only a major event but it was also done in a way that the character that died would stay dead for the long run. These days for some unknown reason, that I can not comprehend, comic book characters just don’t bite the dust anymore. They ‘die’ and six months later they re-appear as clones, by magic or any other crazy reason that DC and Marvel can come up with, eliminating the mystique that a death of a comic book character used to have. I mean let’s face it, back in the day it was a major event when somebody died in a comic book! So now looking back at years of comic book history I have compiled a top ten list of very major and memorable comic book characters deaths which of which I will explain the chronological order shortly, here we go:

10) Captain America

9) Norman Osborn

8) Blue Beetle (Infinite Crisis)

7) Sue Dibny (Elongated Man’s Wife)(Identity Crisis)

6) Professor X

5) Supergirl & Flash (Crisis on Infinite Earths)


3) Jean Grey

2) Gwen Stacy

1) Captain Marvel (Graphic Novel)

Honorable Mention: New Warriors (Civil War), Wolverine and Spider-Man


The Death Of Captain Marvel

I would like to explain as to why Captain Marvel is number one on my list, and the reason is simple, I truly believe that the story of The Death of Captain Marvel is undoubtedly one of the best stories in comic book history. At the time the death of a major Marvel superhero to cancer was a big deal! The story had the elements of a real life sickness, such as cancer, put into a situation with a comic book character and a major Marvel hero in the Marvel Universe, a timeless classic! Next on my list is Gwen Stacy, the beloved girlfriend of Spider-Man, his one true love and a fan favorite. The death of Gwen changed the tone of The Amazing Spider-Man comic forever and at the time it came out of nowhere and thankfully remained dead for a very long time until Marvel messed things up bringing her back several times. Jean Grey is another character whose death had an incredible impact felt throughout the Marvel Universe and was done masterfully. Bucky made a splash with the whole ‘story-line within a story-line’ thing. It made huge impact due to the fact that it happened in the early years of the Captain America comic book. I put the next two characters together because both their deaths had a major impact in the same story-line within the DC Universe, which is the case of Supergirl and the Flash in the very memorable Crisis on Infinite Earths series.  I am sure many will disagree with me and have your own list. The fun is in the debate, but the one thing that I am very sure of is that hopefully we can go back to the era of comic books when a character’s death was a major and permanent event that would have lasting effects for a very long time, let the debate begin!




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