Thanos Returns!


Thanos Now!

A Message From The Commander: Thanos Returns…

Or so it would seem, but for how long? Yes, Marvel have brought Thanos back into the spotlight with his very own ‘Now!’ series. Only three issues deep, fans of The Mad Titan are starting to see their galactic menace in a whole new fashion. At the helm of this cosmic endeavour is writer Jeff Lemire. As far as current writers are concerned, Lemire is a staple member of the contemporary Marvel scene. Other recent projects headed by Lemire include Old Man Logan, Extraordinary X-Men and Moon Knight, to name a few. Alongside Jeff Lemire storytelling, Mike Deodato works to bring Thanos back to life through his vivid art. Deodato is recognised for his morose style of art which can be seen within his run on The Incredible Hulk, alongside writer Bruce Jones. Deodato is also renowned for his time on The New Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man.

So, what has become of the big purple guy? Thanos, wherever he has been hiding out, returns to the Black Quadrant, his little private corner of the universe, so to speak, to find his long term associate Corvus Glaive ruling in his absence. Glaive has created a new order in Thanos’ nonattendance, entirely changing the way the Black Quadrant is governed. As you can imagine, Thanos no-likey. To quote issue one, ‘And then… thoom’. That should at least give you an idea. Masterlord, Mad Titan, Master, Thanos Rex, Overmaster, or just plain Thanos, whatever you want to call him, he’s back and still as mean as ever. But there is a change in Thanos. Something out of the ordinary is happening to the galactic troublemaker and he is determined to fix it. Additionally, we get to see the return of some other Thanos-esque players including Nebula, Eros and Mentor. No spoilers here though, get out and pick up the first three issues of Thanos. I recommend it.


Glaive Talks To The Mad Titan

In the past, both myself and the rest of the ComiCommand team have taken a liking to Thanos as a character. He has a diverse and rich history of villainy under his belt and is arguably amongst the biggest baddies out there. To get up to date on your Thanos ‘know-how’ I would recommend taking a look at one of our previous posts: Here you will find a checklist concerning the core titles surrounding Thanos’ history. Ok, so there is a fair bit to catch up on in that list, and some more after, but not to worry.

Thanos fanatic or not, any comic book reader, new to the scene or not, can enjoy his latest comings and goings in Lemire and Deodato’s most recent series. That sullen artistic style that Deodato so often uses if reflected in his latest project and encompasses the Mad Titan’s imagery with brilliance. This isn’t puppies and rainbows after all, this is Thanos. Let’s keep it that way. Thank you Mike, and thank you Jeff for a story that isn’t written like Marvel felt the need to give this guy some page-time, but is a genuine, modern revival of one of our favourite villains.

Until next time, keep those pages turning.

Yours truely,

The Commander


Thanos At One With Nature… Yeah, Right

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